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The word Kakawa originally comes from the South American Olmec civilization and dates back to roughly 1000 BC. well before the Aztecs and Mayans The Olmec were the first civilization to cultivate cocoa beans and called them Kakawa They grew their cocoa plants on the luscious east coast of Mexico.

Much mystery still surrounds these origins. The arrival of the Spanish Armada lead to the name Kakawa being changed to Cacao We at Kakawa make all of our chocolates with no preservatives or artificial flavours using only the finest natural ingredients.
All our products are gluten free.

About Us
Jin Sun Kim is a cool, charm chocolatier and pastry chef who, with partner David Ralph, has made chocolate into an art form. Check into their little Darlinghurst gallery for beautiful bars, fudges, parlines and slabs. And rocky road that’s in a class of its own…
Top10 sweet stuff, Good Food Guide 2015
About Us
The best chocolate in Sydney. I can’t walk past without going in and getting a packet of something. For chocolate purists and chocaholics, there is no better place to mill around deciding… Madagascar 64% or Venezuela 43%? If I need a gift, whether a value of $2 or $50, this is where I go…
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About Us
Take a big deep breath of chocolate scented air as you enter, the choose from a rage of fine house-made pralines, from raspberry and mint crisp to peanut butter triangles. Indulge, too, in chocolate drinks, ice-cream sandwiches, caramels and fudge.
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About Us
Did a quick swoop on here as moving through this area. Got a few of the single chocolates – this definitely ain’t no Cadburys. Rich and exquisite. Also got the vanilla and chocolate fudge to have later and when I tried it, definitely good…
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